Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No-Chip Razzle Dazzle

Today I am going to be showing you some No-Chip glitter manicures i've been doing lately. I absolutely LOVE these! And i can tell you that none of these photos do the nails justice. They are so glittery and bright and just amazing!

The first attempt
  These were my first attempt at trying to create this look. And it came out great! (as you can see) holographic sliver glitters with a few blue glitters in the mix. Like a disco on my nails!
Dr. Jekyll

These next two are what my nails are currently sporting. I have called them my Jekyll and Hyde nails! All the tips are the same but different below. Same style different personality. Deep man.

Mr. Hyde


And these beautiful mermaid blue nails I did on a good friend of mine. She LOVED them!

Thanks for reading everyone!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Comic Con!

Hello ladies and germs! This weekend was full of dressing up and preparing for the Chicago Comic Con and the Bristol Ren Fair. Over all it was a BLAST! My legs can tell the whole story because they hurt so bad!

But here are some photos from Comic con PLUS nail photos!

Here is my Comic Con costume. Yep, that is Zombie Supergirl! Complete with kryptonite shard!

 Another photo but a close up of my face and all its glory. PLUS my nails for this! 

*Fun Fact* The exposed teeth here are fake nail tips!

And here they are! My Kryptonite nails! We have neon green with iridescent glitter and black shatter over it. I loved these!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blog facelift!

As you As you can see the blog has gotten a new look, along with the logo! Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pirate Weekend!

This week is Pirate weekend at the Bristol Renaissance Fair and I will be attending! I got my costume all set, But what costume is complete with out some epic nails to go with it?  I present to you the most intricate NO CHIP manicure I have done so far. 100% of the artwork is soak off gel. 

No Chip Pirate Nails
I used mostly OPI Axxium for the art work: 
"Lucerne-tainly Marvelous"-silver
"Alpine Snow"- white
"Black Onyx"- black
with a little bit of Gelish:
"Good Gossip"-red glitter  
(Amazing in person!)

Plus 2 little rhinestones for the skully eyes. I had planned to add gold coins to the thumb but I was liking the red so much by itself that I couldn't bare to cover it up with gold. Plus it was getting late! All and all This was A LOT of fun to do. It took some time, especially once I had to work with my left hand but it came out great! And I can not wait to show them off at the Renaissance Fair this weekend!

I will hopefully have photos of my costume from the Ren Fair and will share them with you on here. 
Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Been too long!

Sorry about the hiccup but life has been throwing me every which way and it is hard to keep up some here are just a couple of things I've done in the past few weeks! Enjoy!
Domo Toes!

No-Chip Palm Trees

Mardi Gras! Jeweled Crown (forgive the black line)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

OPI Muppet line of polishes

It’s time to play the music
It’s time to light the lights
It’s time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight!!

OH MY GOD!!!! A Muppet line of nail polishes?! MUST. HAVE. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. 

These are set to come out for the holidays 2011, with I assume the release of the movie which comes in November.

Look at the color names! 
Meep-Meep-Meep (my favorite name)
Wocka Wocka!
Pepe’s Purple Passion
Designer…de Better!
Warm & Fozzie
Rainbow Connection
Excuse Moi!
Gone Gonzo!
Fresh Frog of Bel Air
Divine Swine
Gettin’ Miss Piggy With It!

Below are display photos!

 -"This is a very moving moment
-Yea! Wish they'd move it to Pittsburgh!"


Here are just some designs I did about 6 months ago, when I was just getting into doing art on nails.

This is a combo of alot of things as you can see. Leopard print, stripes and water marble on the thumb. These were fun!

Pretty basic. An off center french with black and red, with a thin line of sliver glitter.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No Chip Gel Manicure!

Let's learn! Shall we?

No chip, Soft Gel or Soak off gel = all the same thing. These gels can be soaked off with 100% acetone with out damage to the natural nail. No chip manicures are best suited for people with short natural nails who want to strengthen their nails or maybe want help growing them. The other benefit of no chip is that it will last you 2 weeks with out chipping (hence the name)! There are several brands of no chip gels out there: OPI Axxium, Shellac, Gellish...the list goes on. People have their favorites, and like working with certain brands and salons will usually carry one of the above brands. I have been working with OPI's axxium and I enjoy it. But what i personally LOVE about the no chip is to do art with the no chip gels. When someone asks for art on their nails its usually with regular polish or paint and it lasts maybe 2-4 days before chipping. But doing art with the no chip will last 2 weeks! It's nice to be able to enjoy the art for more than 48 hours. So needless to say I love it and I hope more people experiment working with the no chip and trying new things to see what it can do.

French Flames
French/Ghost Flames
I introduce you to my nails. Yes these phalanges belong to yours truely! I am not a girl who is dainty or classic by any means, so getting a french manicure on my nails would just feel silly to me. So decided to funk it up a little bit, and make the white in to flames. At a quick glance it looks like a regular french, but when you really look you can see the flames and all their glory! I LOVE these, and this is a good option for someone who maybe a little edgy but doesn't want to be obvious about it. I did a base of a light pink (Hawaiian Orchid*), then added the flames (Alpine Snow*) and to top it all off my top layer of and even ligher pink with a slight pearl sheen to it (Princesses Rule*). 

* OPI Axxium color names

I will be adding more no chip manicures with art and hopefully expand what I can do with it. Thank you for reading!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Shocking and Spunky

Neon Lilacs
Neon Lilacs
A lovely woman in her 60's comes in and gets this fantastic neon green on her toes, and asks for some art. I ask her what she has in mind or what she likes. She said she liked purple, so I painted a little bundle of lilacs. And she LOVED them! She was even taking pictures of them! I hope I'm that spunky years from now!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lets get Started!

I did 2 pedicures last night. Pedicures used to scare me and I hated doing them. I would avoid them at all costs. But now they are not as horrible as I once imagined. I am getting more confidant in my technique and I am getting faster with out sacrificing quality. Over all I'm getting better!

I sometimes have days where I just feel like maybe I don't belong in school for this. But then I have days like yesterday. I made 2 ladies very happy, and got compliments from everyone on the art work I did. Yesterday was definitely a GOOD day.

So here's the work I did!

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty theme:
I used a light pink as the base color for all nails. I then added a thin layer of foil glue (will explain later) let that dry and then added loose glitter that I had in a pink that the client liked. For the big toe I only painted and glittered the top half of the nail so i would have room for the head of HK. I then added a thin top coat just to keep the glitters down. I then started on the HK head. I used a white striper to create the crisp line at the top and the ear. Then used regular white polish to finish up the face. I then used acrylic paint to create the bow, using lighter and darker pinks to create the dimension and white to highlight. I then used a dotter for the nose, eyes and a black striper for the whiskers. Then a nice thick coat of top coat to seal in those glitters so they don't snag on clothing (I hate that!) The client loved these, and so did everyone else!

Edgy Elegance
Edgy Elegance:
Here the client requested some art work, but said to do whatever I wanted. This can be good or bad depending on if you have any ideas. Luckily I just got these studs that I haven't used yet. So I used my black striper to create the line from the corner of the toe to the middle. Then I applied the stud with a small amount of top coat to get it to stick and then 2 larger glitters on either side. I wanted to keep the design simple and elegant because of the color, but with a little edge to it. I liked the way it came, and so did she. She said "I've never had studs or rhinestones on my toes before...I like it!" Feels good to get people out of their comfort zones and then find out they love it.

In the future I will try to pay more attention to the colors/brands I am using so you guys know what gave me these results.

Thanks for reading!

The Plan

Hey everyone!

I have decided that I am going to post my current work as it comes up. Doing a more detailed description etc. THEN do flash back posts with my older work with minimal details about the work, just to give an idea where my work has been and where it's going.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hello World Wide Webiverse!

I am here to start blogging about my nail journey though school and so on. I will be posting my work, designs, new polishes or just good finds on new or different products! I will also be talking about stuff that maybe isn't nail related. Like maybe design work I'm doing, new movies, makeup, hair dye etc. I will also be doing personal reviews on products from time to time.

This page will (hopefully) be updated weekly if not more so. But as of right now I will be adding a lot of entries with the designs I already have complete. And I will post them with their creation date.

I hope you guys and gals are ready for posts filled with quotes from movies, songs or tv shows (guess which ones!). Join me won't you?

ROCK ON! \m/ (*_*) \m/
-Little Red