Tuesday, July 19, 2011

No Chip Gel Manicure!

Let's learn! Shall we?

No chip, Soft Gel or Soak off gel = all the same thing. These gels can be soaked off with 100% acetone with out damage to the natural nail. No chip manicures are best suited for people with short natural nails who want to strengthen their nails or maybe want help growing them. The other benefit of no chip is that it will last you 2 weeks with out chipping (hence the name)! There are several brands of no chip gels out there: OPI Axxium, Shellac, Gellish...the list goes on. People have their favorites, and like working with certain brands and salons will usually carry one of the above brands. I have been working with OPI's axxium and I enjoy it. But what i personally LOVE about the no chip is to do art with the no chip gels. When someone asks for art on their nails its usually with regular polish or paint and it lasts maybe 2-4 days before chipping. But doing art with the no chip will last 2 weeks! It's nice to be able to enjoy the art for more than 48 hours. So needless to say I love it and I hope more people experiment working with the no chip and trying new things to see what it can do.

French Flames
French/Ghost Flames
I introduce you to my nails. Yes these phalanges belong to yours truely! I am not a girl who is dainty or classic by any means, so getting a french manicure on my nails would just feel silly to me. So decided to funk it up a little bit, and make the white in to flames. At a quick glance it looks like a regular french, but when you really look you can see the flames and all their glory! I LOVE these, and this is a good option for someone who maybe a little edgy but doesn't want to be obvious about it. I did a base of a light pink (Hawaiian Orchid*), then added the flames (Alpine Snow*) and to top it all off my top layer of and even ligher pink with a slight pearl sheen to it (Princesses Rule*). 

* OPI Axxium color names

I will be adding more no chip manicures with art and hopefully expand what I can do with it. Thank you for reading!

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