Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wow! it has been WAY too long!

Welp! It's about time we do a MEGA UPDATE! Below you will see the designs that I've done since my last post!

The below images are ALL no-chip designs by myself. 

Peppermint Swirls...YUMMY!
Black and Red Glam!

Winter Snowy Nails

OPIs Muppet Collection: Excuse Moi! With a black and silver angle french.

Glitter Flames!

One of the OPI Muppets collection: Gettin' Miss Piggy With It!

Fall/Thanksgiving Glam Nails
The Evil Queen: Gold Glam French on Black with Purple Rhinestone

Halloween: Bloody Massacre!

Dark Purple with bling on ring finger.

24 Carat Baby!

Well, that about it for now. Stay tuned! Because I will be updating more often!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No-Chip Razzle Dazzle

Today I am going to be showing you some No-Chip glitter manicures i've been doing lately. I absolutely LOVE these! And i can tell you that none of these photos do the nails justice. They are so glittery and bright and just amazing!

The first attempt
  These were my first attempt at trying to create this look. And it came out great! (as you can see) holographic sliver glitters with a few blue glitters in the mix. Like a disco on my nails!
Dr. Jekyll

These next two are what my nails are currently sporting. I have called them my Jekyll and Hyde nails! All the tips are the same but different below. Same style different personality. Deep man.

Mr. Hyde


And these beautiful mermaid blue nails I did on a good friend of mine. She LOVED them!

Thanks for reading everyone!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Comic Con!

Hello ladies and germs! This weekend was full of dressing up and preparing for the Chicago Comic Con and the Bristol Ren Fair. Over all it was a BLAST! My legs can tell the whole story because they hurt so bad!

But here are some photos from Comic con PLUS nail photos!

Here is my Comic Con costume. Yep, that is Zombie Supergirl! Complete with kryptonite shard!

 Another photo but a close up of my face and all its glory. PLUS my nails for this! 

*Fun Fact* The exposed teeth here are fake nail tips!

And here they are! My Kryptonite nails! We have neon green with iridescent glitter and black shatter over it. I loved these!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blog facelift!

As you As you can see the blog has gotten a new look, along with the logo! Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pirate Weekend!

This week is Pirate weekend at the Bristol Renaissance Fair and I will be attending! I got my costume all set, But what costume is complete with out some epic nails to go with it?  I present to you the most intricate NO CHIP manicure I have done so far. 100% of the artwork is soak off gel. 

No Chip Pirate Nails
I used mostly OPI Axxium for the art work: 
"Lucerne-tainly Marvelous"-silver
"Alpine Snow"- white
"Black Onyx"- black
with a little bit of Gelish:
"Good Gossip"-red glitter  
(Amazing in person!)

Plus 2 little rhinestones for the skully eyes. I had planned to add gold coins to the thumb but I was liking the red so much by itself that I couldn't bare to cover it up with gold. Plus it was getting late! All and all This was A LOT of fun to do. It took some time, especially once I had to work with my left hand but it came out great! And I can not wait to show them off at the Renaissance Fair this weekend!

I will hopefully have photos of my costume from the Ren Fair and will share them with you on here. 
Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Been too long!

Sorry about the hiccup but life has been throwing me every which way and it is hard to keep up some here are just a couple of things I've done in the past few weeks! Enjoy!
Domo Toes!

No-Chip Palm Trees

Mardi Gras! Jeweled Crown (forgive the black line)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

OPI Muppet line of polishes

It’s time to play the music
It’s time to light the lights
It’s time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight!!

OH MY GOD!!!! A Muppet line of nail polishes?! MUST. HAVE. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. 

These are set to come out for the holidays 2011, with I assume the release of the movie which comes in November.

Look at the color names! 
Meep-Meep-Meep (my favorite name)
Wocka Wocka!
Pepe’s Purple Passion
Designer…de Better!
Warm & Fozzie
Rainbow Connection
Excuse Moi!
Gone Gonzo!
Fresh Frog of Bel Air
Divine Swine
Gettin’ Miss Piggy With It!

Below are display photos!

 -"This is a very moving moment
-Yea! Wish they'd move it to Pittsburgh!"