Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lets get Started!

I did 2 pedicures last night. Pedicures used to scare me and I hated doing them. I would avoid them at all costs. But now they are not as horrible as I once imagined. I am getting more confidant in my technique and I am getting faster with out sacrificing quality. Over all I'm getting better!

I sometimes have days where I just feel like maybe I don't belong in school for this. But then I have days like yesterday. I made 2 ladies very happy, and got compliments from everyone on the art work I did. Yesterday was definitely a GOOD day.

So here's the work I did!

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty theme:
I used a light pink as the base color for all nails. I then added a thin layer of foil glue (will explain later) let that dry and then added loose glitter that I had in a pink that the client liked. For the big toe I only painted and glittered the top half of the nail so i would have room for the head of HK. I then added a thin top coat just to keep the glitters down. I then started on the HK head. I used a white striper to create the crisp line at the top and the ear. Then used regular white polish to finish up the face. I then used acrylic paint to create the bow, using lighter and darker pinks to create the dimension and white to highlight. I then used a dotter for the nose, eyes and a black striper for the whiskers. Then a nice thick coat of top coat to seal in those glitters so they don't snag on clothing (I hate that!) The client loved these, and so did everyone else!

Edgy Elegance
Edgy Elegance:
Here the client requested some art work, but said to do whatever I wanted. This can be good or bad depending on if you have any ideas. Luckily I just got these studs that I haven't used yet. So I used my black striper to create the line from the corner of the toe to the middle. Then I applied the stud with a small amount of top coat to get it to stick and then 2 larger glitters on either side. I wanted to keep the design simple and elegant because of the color, but with a little edge to it. I liked the way it came, and so did she. She said "I've never had studs or rhinestones on my toes before...I like it!" Feels good to get people out of their comfort zones and then find out they love it.

In the future I will try to pay more attention to the colors/brands I am using so you guys know what gave me these results.

Thanks for reading!

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